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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Instant Computer Backup actually do?

Instant Computer Backup is an online backup service that will automatically back up all of your important computer files. Simply download the Instant Computer Backup application and Instant Computer Backup will automatically back up your files after that.

2. How much does Instant Computer Backup cost?

Instant Computer Backup monthly subscriptions start at $9.95 per month to backup all of your computers and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, & Android) – if you have 10 devices that is less than $1 pre month for complete protection.

3. How do I know that my backed up files are secure?

Instant Computer Backup uses military grade encryption, so you can rest assured that your computer files are completely safe. No one can view your backed up files except you.

4. Is there a limit to how much I can back up?

Instant Computer Backup gives you three options. There is a 14-day Free Trial where you can try out the program and will have access to 5GB of storage. Paid plans offer 25GB, 50GB, and 100GB of storage space that will potentially backup hundreds of thousands of your most important files.

5. Do I get confirmation of a successful backup? Do I get notification of any failed backup?

A green message will appear letting you know your files have successfully been backed up. You can also elect to chose an email each day letting you know your files have successfully been backed up.

6. How do I recover lost files?

File recovery is simple: Just log in to your account on the Instant Computer Backup website and click on “Access Backups.” You can sort through your important pictures, videos, music, and files and simply click to download the files you wish to restore and save to your computer.

7. I have not received my account information yet, what do I do?

The majority of our orders (96%) are automatically processed. If your order has been held you will receive an email or call from our team to confirm your order details. Please make sure you check your Spam or Junk folder in your email account, as any emails from us may be filtered there by your email provider. If you have any questions please email our Order Team at support@instantcomputerbackup.com.

8. Will Instant Computer Backup work on my computer?

The latest version of Instant Computer Backup supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 8, Windows 7 (we support both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems). Instant Computer Backup also supports Mac OSX 10.6, 10.5 & 10.4.

9. Is it safe to install Instant Computer Backup on my computer?

Yes, Instant Computer Backup is safe to store on any laptop or PC. We support Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8 and 7, as well as Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, and 10.4.

10. Can I install this on more than one computer, such as my PC and laptop?

Yes, you can backup unlimited devices with your subscription including PCs, MACs, iPhones, iPads, and Android phones.

11. How long will Instant Computer Backup keep my files?

Instant Computer Backup will keep your files as long as you have an active account. We will also store your files for a grace period of 48 hours after you cancel your account. After this time period we will delete your files from our servers. If you let your Free Trial expire without upgrading, you will have a grace period of seven days before your files are permanently deleted off our servers.

12. How can I update my details? What if my email address has changed?

You can update your user info and email by logging into the members area. You can log in by visiting www.instantcomputerbackup.com and clicking on "login" at the top of the page, or by clicking on "My Account" in the ICB desktop application.

13. I lost power during a backup, what do I need to do?

When the power is restored and your computer comes back on, Instant Computer Backup will automatically re-backup all of your files for you.

14. How do I uninstall Instant Computer Backup from my computer?

Open your Control Panel and click on "Add/Remove Programs" (or "Programs and Features" in Windows 7). Select Instant Computer Backup and click the "Uninstall" button. You can also open your Start menu, click on "All Programs," select Instant Computer Backup, and then click on "Uninstall Instant Computer Backup."

15. How is my data stored?

All data is stored through your ICB account to secure servers, encrypted, and placed in our Cloud Storage Centers around the world. We store your data in redundant Cloud Storage Centers to ensure your data is available when you need it most.

16. How is my data privacy maintained?

All of your files are encrypted using the same technology that banks use before they ever leave your computer. In addition, all forms are submitted over a secure Internet connection to ensure maximum data protection.

17. Where is my data stored?

If you have installed ICB, your files are stored both on your computer (as they normally are), and in your ICB Online Account on our secure online servers. All files stored online by ICB are encrypted and kept securely in our Cloud Storage Centers located throughout the world.

18. Are all my files backed up – every time?

Every time you modify a file Instant Computer Backup will back up the new version during your next sync cycle to ensure you are always protected.

19. Am I able to upgrade from the ICB Home Plan to the ICB Unlimited Plan?

Yes, you can do this by logging into the members area of the Instant Computer Backup website and clicking on “Upgrade Account” button to upgrade to an ICB plan with more space.

20. Do you use mirrored servers?


21. How can I tell what I have sent to Instant Computer Backup?

You can log into the members area of the ICB website and click on “Recover & Share” to view a list of the files you have backed up.

22. Can I get remote access?

Yes, you can access your files from any web browser on any devices in the world by logging in to the members area of the ICB website.

23. Can I back up mapped / USB / external drives?

Yes, you can back up files on these devices by choosing “local backup”

24. Can I back up open or locked files?

Yes. A file does not need to be saved and closed in order to back it up. ICB will backup all files selected for backup. ICB backs up your email an well.

25. How do I delete data from my backup?

Log into the members area of the ICB website and click on “Manage Files.” Click on the check boxes next to the files that you want to delete and click the “Delete” button.

26. The credit card that I used to sign up for an ICB has expired, and I have an outstanding payment. What should I do?

Log into the members area and click on "Upgrade Account" to update your credit card information. If you have an outstanding payment that you need to pay, please contact customer support by clicking on the "Support" link at the top of the members area or emailing support@instantcomputerbackup.com

27. Is there a bandwidth limit for uploading my data?

Your bandwidth will be limited to whatever you are provided by your Internet Service Provider.

28. Will every backup override a previous backup?

No, unlike other backup programs that only keep one current version or delete your data after 30 days ICB will store every version of your files for you to restore.

29. I forgot my access details (username and/or password) – how can I retrieve these?

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the "Forgot Password" link on the Login page.

30. Is my credit card data secure?

Yes, ICB will only store the last four digits of your credit card number.

31. Is there any restriction on the type of files or data that can be stored?

No. You can back up any type of file that is saved on your computer..

32. Who do I contact for support?

You can contact customer support by either clicking the support@instantcomputerbackup.com at the top of your Member's Area or visiting our Contact Us page.

33. Who do I contact for a billing-related issue?

You can contact our Billing Team by either clicking the support@instantcomputerbackup.com at the top of your Member's Area or visiting our Contact Us page.

34. Who do I contact if I am interested in becoming a re-seller / affiliate for ICB?

You can send any questions about becoming an ICB to affiliates@instantcomputerbackup.com, or you can click on the "Affiliates" link at the bottom of every page to learn more about the program and to sign up.

35. Who do I contact for marketing, press, or industry information?

You can send any questions about marketing, press, or industry information to affiliates@instantcomputerbackup.com.

36. How do I know how much space I need?

Most home users backup 15GB of data on average. If you have more photos or videos you will need more space

37. How much space is 25GB?

3,100 text emails, 3,500 photos, 4000 music files, 500 videos

38. How much space is 50GB?

6,250 text emails, 7,500 photos, 8,500 music files, 1,000 videos

39. How much space is 100GB?

12,625 text emails, 14,750 photos, 16,750 music files, 2,000 videos

40. What if I need more than 100GB of space?

Contact our sales teams for custom accounts that will accommodate 250GB, 500GB or 1TB